Howard, your shoes are delightful, where did you get them? Bazinga, I don’t care

Sheldon Copper  (via big-bangtheory)


30 Days of Big Bang Theory - Day 10 - Favourite Raj/Howard Scene -
(like I could pick only one…) Season 3, Episode 14 “The Einstein Approximation”.

- Because I love them, and they’re perfect, any scene with them together is perfect.

“Happy now?”
“I’m on a cloud!”

Girl Fight

Howard: Ohh my GOOODDDD!!!!!! GIRL FIIIIGGHHTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grabs Leonard*

Leonard: What are you doing???

Howard: I know you, you're stupid enough to break up!

My Big Bang Theory Family :D

My father is really smart and is norotic about everything- he is my sheldon

My mother is very stupid, but all my guy friends think she’s hot or cool as hell- she is my Penny

My brother is very smart for his age and is like my father side-kick- he is my Leonard

My sister barely talks around new poeple, she only talks to my immdiate family- she is my Raj

I am a pervert, i love the 70’s and I war nothing but skinny jeans- I AM HOWARD WOLOWITZ :)

Sarah, you are a Wolowitz because you are the biggest pervert I know who wears skinny jeans!

My mom

My family is exactly like big bang theory :D

Every Saturday I sit here and watch Doctor Who. But after 23 minutes it’s more like Doctor Why Bother.

-Dr.Sheldon Lee Cooper :)